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Mobile Magazine Flipboard Making Huge Success

It was only two weeks back that the startup Flipboard had gotten its latest feature launched. However, its platform has been used in the creation of personalized magazines that have gone up to a total of half a million. Also, the user base of the company has now been raised to a total of fifty three million with over three million users recently added to the service.

The startup has since the last month included for its users something more than just sharing, reading and discovering. It now works on making editors of its audiences. Stories on the site are now available with an option called flip t . Users can now get personalized and topical magazines created. This can directly be subscribed to by readers in the Android or iOS application.

With the new version of the service, users can now get more content discovered and remixed in different ways according to their preferences.

The personalized zines daily that are found on this startup site are in fact read by over fifty percent of the sites users. Some of the publishers here include names like Martha Stewart Living, Rolling Stone and Esquire.

The user created magazines here are also very popular, one among them being “Modern Gentlemen’s Playground” which has added over 2,495 items to itself.

The most read article here is “28 Incredibly Beautiful Places You Won’t Believe Actually Exist,” which has been provided by BuzzFeed. The article is also known for its great photography.

Flipboard also has an interesting pattern for sharing. The magazine is also on its way to getting itself transitioned into a morning news paper. The most amount of reading by users gets done around nine in the morning. The most number of magazines get created at around one in the afternoon and the most amount of sharing is done at over seven in the evenings.

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