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Mobile App Prototypes from App Gyver

Created by Marko Lehtimaki and Henri Vahakainu, a couple of years back, AppGyver is a startup that helps users in the process of app development. However it was only last December that the startup had gone into private Beta testing. The startup had about twenty thousand testers, which including startup as well as other small and large agencies on its platform.

“To pitch our ideas to brands, it would always take time for us and our designers to put together some things so that people on the other side could understand what we were trying to pitch,” explains Lehtimaki. “We felt that there was a need for something that demonstrates the actual feeling of what using the app will be like,” he says, as reported by

With competent like justinmind and other DIY app builders, AppGyver is different due to the fact that it is more simple and easy to use. “It’s more for designers and product managers – those kinds of people,” he explains. “If you have your existing wireframes, mockups, or your Photoshop files, you can use AppGyver to immediately turn it into an interactive prototype. It literally takes minutes,” .

The tool also provides users with an access to hardware accelerated animations and other native navigation UL.

“Startups love it, because they iterate so fast,” Lehtimaki says. “They want to meet with investors and the media, and demonstrate what they’ve come up with.”

Over five percent of these testers are now being converted into early users. There still exists a free version available on the product.

The startup is based in Fan Fransisco and currently works with a team of seven employees. The startup had recently arrived at a $600,000 from family, friends, private angel investors and founders, and now plans to raise a round of seed funding.

“Prototyping is the first phase of the app development process – there are many other stages after that,” explains Lehtimaki. “Our vision is that we will provide tools for the whole lifecycle of app development.”

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