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Mind Mixer, Civilian Helper Raises $4 Million

Mind Mixer, the company that gives ideas to citizens, to be an integral part of the society to pour in their thoughts for the society has raised $4 million. The new funding was led by education and financial-planning company Nelnet with participation from existing investors Dundee Venture Capital and Optimas Group, reports Antony Ha of TechCrunch.

When the local government proposed ideas for the future, Mind Mixer found new tools for gathering the feedback of the citizens. The company connects people and the elected officials with their respective areas, seeking suggestions from people according to their grievances. Their present client is D.C Public School Discrict, where they have come up with pain points of the people like; lack of food and shelter provision, lack to information provided to the students of minimal age etc.

Nick Bowden, CEO of the company wants to bring in factors like urban planning and wants to expand the customer base to 1000 people. With diversity in the customer base, the reach of the company will be fairly large.

The company is not restricted to educational and awareness camps, but their genre can extend to healthcare and other minor issues,  faced by people to which they can raise a voice.

In the funding press release, Nelnet CEO Mike Dunlap said, the company is “always looking for ways to improve the way we help associates, students and schools reach their goal.”

“It’s recognition of the fact that there’s absolutely a need for a platform for people to better connect with their constituent base,” Bowden said, reports TechCrunch.

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