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Messaging Startup Yuilop to Launch in the U.S

Launched in 2011, Yuilop, the messaging startup that has attracted over millions of users in Europe is now moving to the U.S. How is Yuilop different from other messaging services already available in the market? The answer lies in the fact that the usage of this app will not require the speaker on the other end to also have the app.

”We have built the whole architecture on open standards,” he says. ”We’re combining the open standard xmpp, which allows us to connect to federated OTT services like Google Talk, and the mobile number (MSISDN), which allows us to interconnect with the mobile telecom world via SMS and phone calls.”, says CEO and cofounder Jochen Doppelhammer, as reported by

In this way non users of Yuilop can also be called or messaged by users of Yuilop. A virtual currency model is what gets used when non Yuilop users are being spoken to. However, there is no hard cash involved here. A call from a Yuilop to non Yuilop users will cost energy which gets earned from the call being received on the other end.

“As long as you keep communicating it stays balanced,” says Doppelhammer.

The startup also has plans to include video chatting. “Our main differentiator is free phone calls to anybody and all the rest: texting, real-time multimedia chatting,” Doppelhammer says, who also wishes to add a free data component in the future.

With its services now active in over forty countries and more, the startup has been scaling up slowly with its largest markets being Spain, Italy and Germany, as declared by the CEO. However, it is also popular in Latin American countries like Mexico and has been launched in countries like Turkey and Russia.

Freemium Offerings is another likely source of revenue to the company. “In general we give people a number from their country but as a premium service… you can also get a number from another country [so friends from that country could call you at the local rate]. So we’re going to offer premium services like this one,” says Doppelhammer.

A browser based version will also soon be launched by the company.


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