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MessageMe No Longer a Part of Facebook

Launched only a week ago, MessageMe, has now moved on to rank second in the social networking space today. Having got it integrated with Facebook it soon began to confront its touchiness when it comes to an access to the social graph. Its integration with Facebook has now come to a halt.

MessageMe has now been cut from Facebook’s Find Friends functionality. The following was the only comment that Facebook seemed to provide here.

“Reciprocity and replicating core functionality: (a) Reciprocity: Facebook Platform enables developers to build personalized, social experiences via the Graph API and related APIs. If you use any Facebook APIs to build personalized or social experiences, you must also enable people to easily share their experiences back with people on Facebook. (b) Replicating core functionality: You may not use Facebook Platform to promote, or to export user data to, a product or service that replicates a core Facebook product or service without our permission.” , as reported by

The messenger functionality of Facebook has in fact been replicated a little too much by MessageMe. This was when Facebook ceased to stay comfortable with the new company. Facebook had in fact always been touchy with the aspect of getting its competitors, especially Twitter and Google ,provided with an access.

It was earlier unwilling to let users of Twitter use Facebook’s service to search for their friends or even get updates from Facebook sent to Twitter. It was even reluctant with getting its data sent to Google for its Gmail contact importer.

However, the recent cut off from Facebook does’nt seems to affect the newly arrived startup which does not really depend on the giant for its growth.

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