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Meat Distribution through Technology with AgLocal

Backed by Andreessen Horowitz, AgLocal, the platform to connect farmers with distributors and meat buyers will be launching in New York City and will include on its board, twenty of the top celebrity chefs. The startup is however currently going to be in a period of private testing.

The system that has so long been operating through faxes, phone calls or Post it notes will soon be operating through technology. Having closed a recent fund after landing at a $1 million, the startup in fact sees a great potential for growth in the months and years to follow. A whole team has in fact been recently recruited in order to get its initial product built.

All that a local farmer has to do is get a linked in like profile set up  where he can describe himself, his farm, the raising of his animals, their eating styles etc. Chefs are now given a clear idea of the ingredients they select in their dishes. They can also fulfill their orders in a more efficient way. All they have to do is place them through faxes, emails, phone calls or late night voice mails.

“There’s a lot of mistakes that can happen,” explains AgLocal co-founder and CTO Mike Hsieh. “There’s a lot of order inaccuracies when someone wakes up and checks their voicemail at 5:30 in the morning. It’s like, ‘I think he said 10 t-bone steaks. I’ll just write that down,’” Hsieh says, as reported by Techcrunch.

The startup’s system for the management of online inventory and procedure for the receiving and filling of orders is of great help to both farmers and chefs. Meat is cut and placed in carts, just like Amazon. A transaction fee of four percent is however involved here.

“What we’re going to get out of this is a software platform that the entire natural food industry relies on down the road,” says Nathan Jones, the startup’s CEO. “Once we solve meat, it’s going to be very easy to add on byproducts, and add on more distributors…it will become a full-on suite for the entire market.”

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