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MBA Grads, Most Wanted in Startups

Earlier a startup did not lay emphasis on the qualifications of an employee, but now the specifications are increasing among companies, for those who desire to work in a startup. In Google, most of the C-level execs are hiring recent MBA graduates. The popularity of this degree is well acclaimed all over the globe, reports Andrea Huspeni of Young Entreprenur.

According to a recent survey, fifty- seven percent of B-Schools have reported that their grads are already being hired by early stage startups. This aspect is brought into force because MBA professionals have good analytical, administration and managerial skills.

This trend has invoked a good spike in technology, consumer products, retail, wholesale and IT sectors. “A growing number of MBA students are focusing on entrepreneurship, either by starting their own business or helping other students start theirs. Reports from large and small MBA programs confirm the increased student interest in a range of entrepreneurial endeavors,” Jack Oakes, assistant dean for career development at the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business, said in a statement, reports YE.

MBA’s are not only being hired but the students themselves are also inculcating the art of entrepreneurship,  as they kick off their own companies either during college or soon after a year  they their term in college. Therefore we can conclude that MBA’s in startups  will be hot brewers in future for the many companies which are yet to be done.

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