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Mango Health: Helping You Remember Your Medicines Each Time

Mango Health, a startup of seven people had, after a trial of sixteen weeks, come out with the launching of their new app to help takers of prescription drugs keep a better track of their medications each day. Drug takers will now begin to receive regular notifications regarding the taking of their drugs.

Having had a background in social gaming, CEO Jason Oberfest has used those tactics of gaming here. The application is now available to anyone on the iOS. This way, the startup helps in prescription adhearance and the prevention of any long term illness and other unnecessary spending that come along as their consequences.

“It’s such a pressing issue that some U.S. physicians now refer to it as a ‘silent epidemic’ facing the U.S. healthcare system,” says the CEO, as has been reported by

This is a more effective method of tracking how well patients get their medicines consumed. A reward will be given to those patients who follow their medications well. These rewards will mainly come in the form of discounts and gift cards.

The whole process here is gamified. Rewards of different kinds are offered to drug takers at eight different levels. A journal of supplements and medications are also maintained here. Different interest groups are balanced by the startup’s revenue model.

The company is also in collaboration with various other brands out there. “In the very end, good game design is about changing human behavior,” he said. “To be able to apply that in an area that can make a meaningful difference in people’s lives gets me so excited to come to work every day.”

The brands reach out to those patients who have succeeded in caring for their health and wellness. The startup has also partnered with Target today.

The startup has until now managed to raise an amount of $3.1 million from investors like First Round Capitol, Square’s chief operating officer Keith Rabois, Zynga CEO Mark Pincus, Floodgate’s Mike Maples, and Baseline’s Steve Anderson.

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