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MakieLabs: Print Your Own Dolls

Toys for the future generation can now be found on the iPad. The emergence of 3D printing has made impossible things possible not just for us but for our kids too. Kids can now get their own custom made toys created.

The Makies Doll Factory was launched by the startup in the last week. Kids can now get their own unique dolls designed with custom clothing, facial features and special hair. The designed dolls can then get 3D printed and sent at a price beginning from eighty eight dollars apart from charges for shipping.

The app has in fact fetched users of over seventy thousand in the very first week of its launching. “People love the fact that these toys are on demand,” said co-founder Alice Taylor. “Because the child or adult has made the toy themselves, they’ve got a precious relationship with it. The doll has a heirloom aspect to it.”, as reported by

A web based version of the MakieLabs store will also be run for over a year. This is its first transitioning to the mobile platform. The startup hopes that it soon offers a mix of virtual goods and the real world. It hopes to include options like virtual accessories to get dolls designed in the near future.

The startup has also been putting in effort to get its costs brought down. It was in the last year that it had raised an amount of $1.4 from seed investors. “This is a journey we’re on,” Taylor said. “The material costs are quite high with the type of plastic we have.”

With over ten percent of the company’s sales coming from the U.S., the startup also has its printers in Amsterdam and the U.K.

“Eventually, we’ll expand it to be like a distributed manufacturing network, rather than having a centralized factory model,” she said. To find printers has been a “trial-by-fire” effort, she said. “But we’re getting a ton of support. The suppliers and manufacturers want to see this happen.”

The startup also includes other products that are targeted towards boys. “What you see now is 20 percent of our vision,” she said. “We want so much to happen faster, and it will happen over time.”


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