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LoveFlutter: The Latest Interesting Site for Dating

Based in New York, LoveFlutter is a new startup that was launched in the last month and has its focus on bringing out good matches by comparing interests between people. What its technology works on is the understanding of the relationship between sets of interests of two people.

What the startup aims to do is get your interests manually entered after importing them from your likes on Facebook. Your likes will be matched with another person on facebook. This will be done based on your location apart from standard demographic data.

You can in turn respond by clicking on the smile found on another person’s profile. If you want to be the one to take the first step, you can go ahead and get a message sent. This however will involve either a subscription or some paid for credits.

The startup also helps people by suggesting local venues where couples can date. With the use of freebase, the startup goes a little deeper in its task of getting people together. It taps the power of freebase in order to add an interest to your profile on LoveFlutter. It also uses other structured data like directors, authors and genre. Semantic connections are then made between users and a framework is provided for the process of getting the interests matched.

The website also makes use of interest graphs of users. Interests that match perfectly are sought at the first level. For instance, two users liking a similar book or character are sought. In this way more matches are offered and this makes it feel like a typical interesting site for dating.

“Verified profiles” is another feature that is included in the site. This is used in order to denote those users who have got them signed up through facebook. However, the sad part is that you can join only if the site finds you interesting enough.

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