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LoanStreet: Most Preferred Online Partner for Financial Services is here!

Bangalore: Online marketplace for complete financial solutions, announces the official launch of its platform. Serving as the virtual counterpart to Finstreet Financial Services Pvt. Ltd., the core USP of LoanStreet is to ensure that customers get the perfect blend of the Right Lender, Right Price and Right Experience on their fingertips.

The one of its kind platform has been successful in propelling professional relationship managers to handhold customers, thus enabling a hassle-free experience until the loan is disbursed and the amount is credited in their account. It also serves to revolutionize the realm of financial services through its technology driven platform that eases the means of doing business for lenders as well.

Founded in 2014 by an eclectic Group of Founders – Vineet Jain, Prashant Hegde, Ramendra Mishra and Ajit Pandey, LoanStreet proffers you a prompt and customized solution for all the financial needs. Run by industry veterans with thorough domain knowledge, the company’s back-end algorithms, superlative recommendation engine and predictive analysis ability herald a new era in consumer-focused financial solutions in India. Today, with the help of all top financial institutions of the country, LoanStreet is able to make a great pool of choices available to customers for consumer loans, including unsecured loans.  

The differentiated CRM system gives complete charge of transaction to customers through status updates on email and SMS. It also offers a customized rewards and referral program to give gifts to the customer at the end of the journey and a personalized dashboard during it. In addition, users can avail of online chat facility and on-call financial advisors for assistance anytime.  

Speaking on the launch, Vineet Jain, CEO & Founder, LoanStreet says, “Through our professional experience, we identified that in India, online facilitation of loans is a pressing requirement for both end-customers as well as lenders. Customers need an advisory platform, beyond normal comparison sites, with an end to end service approach and lenders need an online distributor with a presence in major cities. With, we aim to plug this gap and also act as an aggregator for the largely unorganized Channel Partners in the market. We offer a complete e-Commerce experience in financial services!”   

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