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LiveNinja Raises an Amount of $ 5, 00,000

Startup LiveNinja, which is mainly a marketplace for online video chatting has recently closed its seed round of funding with an amount of $ 5, 00,000. The funding round included Angel investors from Miami, apart from other investors like Marco Giberti, DadNeos, Giuliano Stiglitz, and some others. A few Angels from South America and New York also participated in the funding round. The company LiveNInja is headquartered in Miami.

A person using LiveNinja’s technology can have a consultation with an online Ninja who can be an expert from any field ranging from whether medicine, law, finance, fashion, fitness , cooking etc.

LiveNinja has a Beta Testing period during which experts can list their skills. Apart from this, LiveNinja will gather its other necessary information from LinkedIn. Rates can be set up and users can be notified regarding the availability of these online chat sessions.

A profile, after acquiring the approved stamp can get itself featured on the LIveNinja homepage. Users can thus get an access to experts from different fields. Various skills can get monetized in this way. Individuals using this platform can also get their income boosted since the site demands only a 20 percent portion earnings of individuals.

“The number of skillful individuals across the world that are unemployed and unable to produce income is exorbitant. However, we feel if we can modernize the traditional concepts of employment by providing the proper tools, we can eliminate the barriers to both job and income creation. LiveNinja effectively allows people to create and accelerate these jobs by empowering any individual with all the tools they need for an online service-based business.”, LiveNinja’s CEO Will WeinRaub says, as reported by

LiveNinja differs from other similar startups by way of its execution.  It provides a well designed platform for customable video chat. The platform serves as a Liveroom for all sessions online.

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