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Lively: Where Kids Can Keep an Eye on Their Parents

While most kids would love to live with their parents, most parents prefer living independently and convincing is not a gift that all possess. This can lead to an endless worry about their health and an unsuccessful track of whether their medicines have been taken or not. Phone conversations are more of an investigation on how well is their health taken care of.

“It’s a very long list of things you have to go through,” says David Glickman, COO of Lively, “and it can end up eating a lot time for any meaningful conversation about what’s actually going on in their lives.”, as reported by

This is where the startup Lively comes to the picture. Children can now be aware of the activities of their parents with the help of tabs maintained. Two products are being offered by the service here. These are LivelyGram and LivelyHub.

LivelyHub helps children maintain tabs where the activities of their parents are presented. This is a wireless product with six passive sensors which are connected to a hub with the help of a cellular technology. A user does not have to possess any cellular data plan.

Sensors can be placed in different spots of the house thus enabling interaction between parents and children at any time. These sensors can be placed anywhere, whether a on a kitchen cabinet or a refrigerator or anyplace else. Adaption to parents’ routines is also possible on the part of the sensors.

What LivelyGram does is to get a supplementary service provided where a tri fold card is sent to parents every two weeks containing updates from various members of the family.

The costs of the two services come up to a total of $149 along with a monthly subscription of $9.95.

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