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Liftopia: A Startup for Lovers of Skiing

Liftopia, is a startup that deals with ski ticket and is led by Evan Reece and Ron Schneidermann who serve as cofounders at the company. It was Schneidermann’s passion for skiing that had begun ever since he was seven years that led him toward a startup of this kind.

“Soda Springs was where I first fell in love with skiing,” says Schneidermann,. “I was quickly zooming right past my dad and it was like my first real taste of independence. I never forgot it.”, as has been reported by

The cofounder is now thirty five but still very active at the slopes of Tahoe. His startup is devoted towards sharing the thrill of skiing to various adventure lovers out there.

After having graduated from the UCLA with a major in communications, Schneidermann proceeded with internships at various ad agencies and TV shows in L.A. On realizing that this was not the life he wanted, he moved on to the Bay Area where he found a job in business development with the online travel company called Hotwire. However, his thirst for doing something of his own prevented him from enjoying his job.

Hotwire was where he met Evan Reece, and the two soon began to discuss what it would be like to sell a package for hotel rooms plus lift ticket. However, they decided to carry on with this idea not for hotwire, but for themselves, and this is where Liftopia was born.

The startup has also recently added to its Mountain Collective Pass, three more resorts namely the British Columbia based Whistler Blackcomb, the Utah based Snowbird and the California based Mammoth Mountain.

The startup has also managed to add revenue management to its sale of ski lift tickets. Ski resorts can now get their pricing managed in response to the demands of skiers. The startup works directly with ski resorts.

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