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Lifestyle Apparel Brand Freecultr Announces a Launch of Freecultr Express - a New Design Platform

Bangalore: Gurgaon based lifestyle and apparel e-Commerce venture, Freecultr announces a launch of its new simplified crowd sourced design platform ‘Freecultr Express’, which flaunt an approach to transform anyone into an entrepreneur. The platform allows every individual to create and offer T-shirts through their customized tee store featuring original and authentic digital platform without any investments in inventory, operations and logistics.

Launched in 2011 by Harish Bahl (Chairman), Sujal Shah (CEO), Sandeep Singh (COO), and Rajesh Narkar (CPO), Freecultr, an international premium lifestyle e-brand with one simple goal- design and deliver products that reflect the brands true essence and freedom, is striving hard to expand its presence and sales across India. To ensure the quickest access to the brand at a reasonable price on web, mobile or retail space, the firm aims to innovate and adapt ever-lasting scenarios through its colors, styles, fits and fabrics.

The process to start tee-store is very simple and it offers designers to set their selling price from standard band of Rs. 399 to Rs.799. The designer who sets the price at Rs.599, they will get a chance to earn Rs.249 from each T-shirt. It also allows the designers to transform into entrepreneurs as it spreads the word through various social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, What's app and many others.  In addition, the company has started its shipping process to customers in the United States of America.

From November 2014, the new customized online platform Freecultr Express has been operating in stealth mode, enabling more than 5500 individual designers and promoting over 24000 designs through its personalized tee-stores. On a daily basis, the digital platform claims more than 600 designs from designers across India. Furthermore, few topmost designers are earning Lakhs of money though this platform.

Talking about the newly launched business model, Sandeep Singh, CEO and Co-Founder of FREECULTR explains “What’s really driven Freecultr from the very beginning of its inception is its need to disrupt and solve problems smartly through technology. Inventory, distribution, production, supply-chain have been some of the biggest pain points for anyone to start their own business in this segment. We have simplified and solved that with Freecultr Express. Now anyone can become an entrepreneur just like the 5500+ designers, we already have on board and start earning from day one without the hassles of knowing the technology and mammoth sized operations that go behind making it happen. The platform shall enable these people to fulfill their entrepreneurial dreams without having to invest anything. If you have an idea we will enable and empower you to convert into a real life product. We aim at crossing the 3,00,000 number of designers by 2016.  In a nutshell, super exciting times ahead for us and our community”.

Rajesh Narkar, CPO & Co-Founder of Freecultr says “We are building a hyper fashion business with an opportunity to have unlimited choice for customers fulfilled with a super fast time to market that has been totally unheard of - two days from design to dispatch. This is a very disruptive retail model to current business models with a clear opportunity to lead and build a billion dollar enterprise within the next few years”.

On talking about the future plans, Rajesh added “The Freecultr team is working hard to introduce more variants across different categories to reach out to wider customer segments and demographics”.

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