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Lendingkart Group Acquihires KountMoney

Bengaluru: Lendingkart, a Fintech startup, acquihires KountMoney, which is an online lending marketplace for personal loans. This Talent acquisition will raise the service portfolio for Lendingkart Group, along with boosting up its technology and data analytics capabilities.

Lendingkart was founded in 2014, by ex-Banker and ISB Hyderabad alumnus, Harshvardhan Lunia, and ex-ISRO scientist, IIM Bangalore alumnus, Mukul Sachan. The company is based in Ahmadabad, Bengaluru and Mumbai and serves across India with an aim to transform small business lending by providing easy access to credit for SMEs. They are already using technology and analytics tools of Aadri Infin Limited as their subsidiary, for analyzing thousands of data points from various data sources to assess the creditworthiness of small businesses rapidly and accurately.

Harshvardhan, Co-Founder & CEO, Lendingkart Technologies says, “KountMoney has been performing exceptionally well in the field of online personal loan disbursals. Its emphasis on using tech to make loan disbursals simpler and quicker makes it a perfect synergistic match for Lendingkart Group”.

Incepted in 2014, KountMoney was co-founded by Deepak Modak, Gaurav Somani, Abhishek Periwal and Abhi Ranjan with an aim to serve borrowers looking for credit in a smooth and hassle-free way. It was built by a passionate and energetic team of young entrepreneurs who are now coming on board Lendingkart Group.

Deepak is looking promising and well satisfied over this move and feels this is the right place for them to continue their vision to disrupt the lending sector in India. “We founded KountMoney with a vision to create technology and a platform that will make the process of accessing loans easy, fast and transparent. We are pleased to take our learning as well as experience to Lendingkart Group and continue working towards our goal,” says Deepak.

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