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Lattice Inc Raises $20 Million in Series B

Lattice Inc, an online provider of data software has raised an amount of $20 Million in equity funding. Founded in the year 2006, the company has raised $36.5 totally, including an amount of $15 million they recived previous year form Sequoia, reports Patrick Hoge of San Francisco Business Times.

The company is based in California and the funding was led by New Enterprise Associates, which has named Peter Sonsini as the director. The CEO of Lattice Engines has stated in the San Francisco Business Times that he expected the revenue to grow 80 percent this year. The company has a headcount of 140 currently and it plans to expand it to 100 in the coming year.

Lattice’s Software includes trouble shooting customer problems which helps new clients and the retention of old clients. Their service is designed in such a way that huge data can be analyzed and their platform enables the sales representatives to get a quick check through various alerts, as the market for sales and technology is on a rise.

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