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Latin Americans Contributing a Large Share towards Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship Sensex is showing an increasing trend in America as there are people flocking in from various other continents. Of lately, the Silicon Valley is witnessing a sharp rise of entrepreneurs from Latin America, reports Rosa Ramirez of Next America. According to a report in the website Slate, most of these innovators are from Chile, Columbia, Brazil, among the many Latin American Countries.

Casares, CEO of Lemon.Com, a company that innovated apps to store digital receipts, credit cards and discount cards influenced the former director of PayPal in throwing a light on entrepreneurship in Latin American countries such as Argentina and Brazil. When Kauffman Foundation conducted a study recently, it has revealed that, 52.4 percent of startups are those which are led by other nationals other than the U.S. Earlier the Chinese and the Indians contributed a large share towards increasing the U.S. economy.  Indians established 26 percent startups and the remaining hailed from countries like Britain, China, Japan, and Taiwan.

Gradually, the Latin entrepreneurs are making prominence, as reported by a Brazilian financial magazine. Isto É Dinheiro, a magazine has circled the prominent Brazilians in the Silicon Valley. One among this is the Instagram Co- founder, Mike Krieger who was born in Sao Paulo and graduated from Stanford University. The second one is Reinaldo Normand who is the cofounder of 2Mundos, a company that deals with video game for mobile devices.

These thinkers serve as a bridge between their homeland and the United States. Rebecca Padnos Altamirano, a U.S. based founder wishes to foresee more Latin Population in the country. Vivek Wadwa, a strong supporter of the H1-B visas, which is mainly for high skilled workers, states that Brazil will produce the next Mark Zuckerberg.

A pilot program called CODE 2040 will be launched to help the graduate and undergraduate coders, for establishing startups, through internships during summer.

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