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Klout Receives an Investment From Microsoft

The recent investment by Microsoft  Bing in the San Fransisco based startup company Klout, has been viewed as a strategic move by the software company. Klout is a social analytics provider  that measures the social influence of Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites.

“This is an alliance based on a shared belief that people are at the center of task completion,” Bing corporate vice president Derrick Connell wrote in a blog post. “To help you find the right person we need to determine who is influential and trusted on different topics on the web. Bing and Klout share this vision. “as reported by Jennifer Van Grove from

Apart from the recent investments received, Klout will now also receive additional data from the software giant , thus being in a better position to recognize a person’s influence and enhance its scores. Microsoft Bings now has a social sidebar , called People You Know, where scores from Klout will appear apart from social data from sites like Facebook, Twitter, Quora  and  FourSquare. The Bing sidebar will now contain visual signals from Klout. Thus Klout will now become a greater indicator for social influence. However this social sidebar has not yet been rolled out to any other country apart from the U.S.

On the other hand, other users of Klout will find Bing highlights displayed on their Klout profiles showing users their influence on Klout on topics like social media, branding and coffee. This is the first time that Bing is used this way. By highlighting profiles of people regularly searched for in Bing, one can change the way social influencers are recognized. Having had close links with Klout for quite some time, Microsoft had earlier announced that Klout had performed some

’very cool and exciting work to help people understand social influence, find their voice and have an impact on the world’ as reported by Eileen brown for Social Business.

The search giant had also earlier published a case study, showing how a B1 solution that is based on Microsoft’s SQL server and Hadoob was made use of by Klout in enabling its process of data queries in almost real time.

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