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Keep Pessimism Away in Your Startup

Any place surrounded with negativity; creating negative vibes, though you stay away from it. Especially; if you establishing a startup there are a couple of questions that come your way.

Talk, You Will Know Each Other: One can relate to a company only when he has enough knowledge about it, and he knows   his role in the company. An internal messenger can be installed; so that you can chat with your employees, or appreciate the person whenever you feel that the person is or has got, adapted to the environment quickly. If you communicate with your employees in a transparent manner, your employee will know his performance in the company.

Enjoy : If your office environment is filled with tension and pressure of coping up with the competition, turn the office into a fun place for your employees! Obviously you cannot take your employees to a long trip when you are lying low on budget; instead you can arrange for team outings or arrange small games since the number is not huge etc. Google is believed to be one of the best places for employees to work for as they have created many ways of interaction between the employees.

Gossip: If your startup consists of youngsters who are still immature and fresher’s to a professional environment, they will take time to get adjusted. Don’t go about gossiping about your fellow employee, considering him as a weak person. Give him some time so that he settles down well in the company. Spreading false statements about any person without knowing him will be harmful as a founder itself.

Be Positive: Look at all the positive aspects in a person, rather than always pointing out the faults all the time. A person possesses both the attributes, positive and negative. If he has done something wrong, he will mend himself shortly andyou don’t have to point out his flaws all the time.   

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