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Kaleido Helps See Your Future Home Come Alive in 3D

Bangalore:, India’s leading online provider of modular home furnishing solutions, is hoping to change buying trends in the home decor market with their innovative virtual reality-based device called Kaleido. The device provides an immersive VR experience to the users and allows them to try different looks for their kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms in real time, thus helping them to make an informed choice.
A major setback while searching for furnishing options is the inability to predict how the final setup would look like. The customer might like a particular design of modular kitchen in the showroom, but what if it does not match the floor or the wall of the home? HomeLane’s Kaleido could be the solution for this dilemma.

Just like how a kaleidoscope shows us many images in one go, similarly HomeLane’s Kaleido enables its users to see various furnishing designs in real time with rich immersive experience. Kaleido not only offers its users a three dimensional imaging of the designs that they are going to buy, but it also allows them to change or choose the color or design of the chimneys, rooftops or cabinet handles without paying a single penny.
Speaking about their innovative product, Srikanth Iyer, Co-Founder & CEO of HomeLane says, “We are using technology to completely revolutionize how people furnish their dream homes and the launch of’s Kaleido is a major milestone in this direction. We expect Kaleido to be a game changer in the home furnishing industry and make it dramatically convenient for a new home owner to decide on the perfect design, color and look for their dream home.”

Founded in 2014 by Rama Harinath and Srikanth Iyer, HomeLane is India’s leading end-to-end, virtually integrated interior design and manufacturing provider. It claims to have delivered more than 1000 projects across the country. The company offers customized design service to all their customers at no extra cost where their experienced panel of interior designers works with the customers to customize designs for their homes.

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