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Jun Groups New Product for Video Ads on the Mobile

Jun Group, the startup that deals with the distribution of video advertisements has only recently come up with the launching of HyprMX, where mobile publishers will be offered tools for mediation and developers can get their video advertisements managed from various different sources.

According to Corey Weiner, the CEO of HyprMX, over hundreds of publishers are behind the running of the advertisements here and quite a lot of help is needed in getting the inventories managed. “They’re just not in the ad business — they’re in the content business, they’re in the games business.”, he says, as has been reported by

The startup helps publishers in the running of ads from various different sources and this even includes the Jun Group. The number of mediation options for standard display advertising is large. However, even then, the CEO finds it an unmet need when it comes to video. One more challenge here is to deliver mobile video ads without getting the users annoyed. Preroll advertisements in fact tend to get much more annoying on the mobile. The phone gets completely taken over so long as the ad goes on.

This is the main reason why the startup here places its focus on incentivized ads especially videos that are rewarded to users for watching.

A conflict of interest however, does exist here, like whether the startup should get its ads run from one of its many competitors or the Jun Group. “We’ve formed a Chinese Wall between the two companies.”, declares the CEO.

However the platforms main concern here is how to get its amount of money made by the publisher on the viewing of each advertisement maximized. If an ad by another source turns out to being more lucrative than that from Jun Group, the competitor will be selected by HyprMX. The startup has now already got itself signed up with various publishers.


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