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Jifti Raises $2.5M

Columbus based, online gift sending and receiving platform Jifti, has announced that the company has raised a sum $2.5 million in a funding round. This round of funding was lead by Simon Property Group, a real estate company operating with over 300 malls in the U.S. and Asia.Jifti plans to expand their business to other locales, with the current round of funding.

Gifting is made easy with Jifti as the person who is giving as well as receiving the gift, don’t spend much time. This is because the process is very simple. A person who is sending a gift to another person,  has to contact the company, choose the required gift and send it in a telephonic form. The giftee who is present in any part of the world,  can redeem the gift in any of the U.S. location’s, where retailers are present. This new method will save time for you.

“Our mission is to create the ultimate social gifting adventure by merging the unmatched shopping experience you can only get in-store with the unmatched shopping convenience you can only get online,” says Jifiti CEO and co-founder Yaacov Martin.  “Gift-giving is by definition a kind and generous act, yet too often it is a source of anxiety for the gifter and frustration for the giftee.”, reports by Will Schdiit of TechCocktail

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