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Jifiti to Make the Process of Gifting Easier

Wrapping and presenting a gift to a friend is always nice but may not always be easy or convenient, so here is another way of going about it. You can now gift something to a friend staying far away at any time without having to wait till you pay a visit to the person. Thanks to the startup Jifiti.

All you have to do is scan the standard retail barcode of the item that you want to gift your friend scanned through your smartphone. You then have to pick a friend. A gift code then gets created. The created gift code gets emailed to your friend who can now get the app downloaded, the code redeemed and the item picked from a nearby store with the same item. This process can be a useful one to retailers too.

The startup app also has a website design made by an agency called Longstride.

The app also has some items displayed and allows users select from here too. And hey, imagine having those who plan to get you a gift knowing what you already want. Easier right? This is what the app’s wishlist helps you do. On using its functionality, you can get the gifts that you would like to have broadcasted on the app.

The startup has also been working on ways to get gifts donated to charitable organizations.

Plastic cards do not get involved here. Cards are brought by Jifity in bulk and at discount. They are then resold by the startup. This is how the cards at Jifiti are monetized. They are found as an instant purchase on the books of retailers.

However the operational procedures other typical stores do not get altered here. The point of sales system of retailers does not get altered here in any way. The gift cards will just have to be processed by them.

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