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It's a Soccer Ball... It's a Lamp Too

Play a game of soccer. Play for half an hour. You can even play some more. Once you finish, plug the LED lamp into it, so that you can have some light. A half an hour of playing can provide you three hours of light. No I’m not creating nonsense. This is what the soccer ball Soccket can do. It’s funny, it’s strange, but it’s true.

So how does this entire thing work? Curious? Here’s how it works. The kinetic energy from your half an hour of playing gets converted into electrical energy, with the swinging of the pendulums inside the ball each time that its gets kicked and thrown around. Power is what gets generated through this motion and the battery stores all of this electricity. The main ingredient in this product is water-resistant ethylene-vinyl acetate( EVA) foam.

The tiny seal on one side of the ball can be opened and the LED lamps power socket can be revealed into it. Isn’t it handy?

This device has been invented by four students from the University of Harvard namely Jessica O Mathews, Jessica Lin, Julia Silverman and Hemali Thakkar. The Soccket is being distributed by a company named Unchartered Play. The capability of this ball in the generating of energy has in fact been tested in America and Africa.

The first model of the ball weighed over seventeen ounces which is a slight difference from a normal soccer ball which generally weighs around fourteen to sixteen ounces. The ball doesn’t get inflated and hence doesn’t get affected by punctures, as can last as long as an ordinary soccer ball. The first model was used by children in Africa.

The startup is now on its way to get its production ramped up with its kickstarter page having recently started.



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