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iSchool to Technologize K12 Education

Pencils, books and a blackboard are no longer the only things that create a learning environment since we now live in a world of technology. The advancements in technology are now paving their way into the field of education with their tablets and iPads. The focus is on giving students a more interactive, engaging and portable experience.

However the problem is the lack of infrastructure which prevents digital tools from working together. A secure WiFi system is very essential for the efficient functioning of these smart devices. This is where the startup iSchool Campus comes into the picture.

Launched in 2011, the company has its headquarters based in Utah and Washington DC. The company has developed a “whole school” learning environment with its secure WiFi network that integrates all teaching and classroom management tools and hardware. This also includes iPads provided to every student. While its initial targets are mainly K2 schools and districts, the company will soon apply its infrastructure in other sectors, both public and private.

In fact the company has raised a $ 2 million from its recent series A Funding. The funding was led mainly by Crocker Ventures.

CEO and Chairman of iSchool Campus, William Nixon puts forth his view saying that the hardware component is what is lacking in classrooms today. Schools now require a more integrated and holistic approach. This is where iSchool’s WiFi network comes to the rescue by integrating all the hardware offerings like iPad,iMac labs, MacBook pros, an audio system , an HD TV, tools for professional development and a software for classroom management. Curriculum, tests, quizzes and apps can thus be well monitored.

The company is open to all devices, but it mainly focuses on Apple hardware. However the latest hardware or software will be deployed to a school only when requested. The propriety apps deployed by iSchool Campus will focus on teacher student interaction and better classroom management. If requested, the company will co-ordinate with schools in configuring access to education apps provided by a third party,

Though the demand for these kinds of solutions is high, the cost will require a long, hard look before the services are decided on. Coming with a three year contract, its services range from $400 to $600 each student, annually.

However the company has yet to build its relationship with the government and other hardware providers. Apart from this it also needs to get its decision makers and CIO administrations sold at the district and state levels.

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