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Is Education Important Entrepreneurs?

Should you invest in gaining greater knowledge, when you dream to become to become an entrepreneur? Many examples can be taken Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and the great apple founder Steve Jobs. These are all names, but in reality the scenario is different. This is because a recent survey says; that college level entrepreneur are more likely to become future entrepreneurs, rather than early school dropouts says Dr Kathrine Cohen of Young Entrepreneur.

Your lecturers play a vital role during your college days, no doubt but their advice will take you a long way in life. Along with it, you learn many lessons:

Business skills: Though it is popularly said that ‘entrepreneurs are born’, but there are very few who posses skills of an entrepreneur by birth. The rest have to imbibe few qualities of being one. Running a business; is not a cake walk because there are various aspects to deal with, such as accounts, finance, development and other management aspects.

Marketing Skills: Business skills are not the only skills, you need to brand your company and make aware to people that your company actually exists! Apart the company but your product should be visible to people so that they can identify your product properly.

Tech Savvy Nature: Every college updates their technology along with time, because you will find advancement every second! Therefore, as a student you have more exposure to technology,  which will improve you personally and professionally.

Work Experience: When you are at college you have several contacts. As a student, your enthusiasm to learn is vast. The advantages of this phase are that you can build your own networks as an intern or a college student. The people power can be used later when you start your own firm.

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