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Investing in Global Startups, FbStart Distributes Benefits to Asia Pacific Developers

Bengaluru: The new program from Facebook designed to help early stage mobile startups to build and grow their apps, FbStart distributes its benefits worth more than $50 million to startups in Asia Pacific Developers. As per the release, the Facebook developer platform depends on the strength of international community, with more than 70 percent of Facebook developers located outside the U.S.

As per the report, the FbStart World Tour in Asia Pacific events for this month was held in Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan and India. The keynote was delivered by Ime Archibong, Director Strategic Partnerships, Facebook, where he spoke with developers about tips for growing their businesses and reaching more people through Facebook’s tools.

The year-long program gives mentorship and access to tools depending upon the dimension of the startup. For those organizations which have a product out already, Facebook gives a package of tools and services worth $80,000 ranging from access to tools like Adobe Photoshop, to seats on Blue Jeans to run virtual meetings. For bootstrapped a folk that is simply beginning its journey, Facebook offers a $30,000 package which includes access to free Facebook ad credits. Today, Asia has more than 1,000 individuals in the FbStart program, and $50 million in advantages were conveyed to Asia Pacific new companies since its dispatch in 2014.

Speaking about the release, Ime Archibong, Director Strategic Partnerships, Facebook says, “I’m incredibly excited to be back in India this week. There’s an amazing opportunity for Indian-based developers to work with Facebook to grow their businesses, and we are doubling down on our investment in the country through programs like FbStart and the Platform which brings internet access to the two-third of the world who are not yet connected”.

 “India is number one country for Facebook developers outside the U.S, not just developers but otherwise as well. In India, more than 59 million individuals use facebook every day where more than 53 million people access Facebook through mobile phone. However, as part of the analytics for apps, more than 75 percent of top grossing apps in India are integrated with Facebook,” he noted.

More developers are building apps with Facebook in India than any other country outside the U.S. Of the $50 million in benefits distributed to Asia Pacific startups through FbStart, more than $20 million went to startups in India. “And this week, we’re bringing FbStart to developers in Bangalore and Gurgaon with full-day events dedicated to helping them grow their businesses,” adds Ime.

With millions of people still not yet connected to the Internet in India and around the world, there is a huge opportunity for mobile developers to build some of the first experiences people have with the Internet through programs like FbStart, the Platform and many more.

Concerning the FbStart highlights success stories from developers in Asia Pacific, Michael Huang, Strategic Partner Development, Facebook says, “This year we kicked off the FbStart World Tour, an event series across 20 cities to meet with mobile developers around the world. We’ve held events in London, New York, and Mexico City. Over the past couple of weeks, we met with startups and developers across Asia, holding events in Hong Kong, Seoul, Taipei, Bangalore, and Gurgaon. In Asia alone, we have more than 1,000 members in the FbStart program”. Some examples of apps growing with FbStart include Singapore based lifestyle marketplace app Carousell, Delhi-based app Cardback, and Hyderabad based app Samosa amongst others. 

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