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Introducing Toost: An App to Find Trusted Local Businesses through Friends

Bangalore:  Phone Warrior’s local search mobile app, Toost has introduced a globally unique tech-innovation initiative, in order to make a breeze to find local businesses. The app is driven by friends’ recommendations based on their personal experiences and level of connection with the business. The app is the digital equivalent of word of mouth that everyone relies on, but powered by the phone graph and user community’s contributions.

Founded by Chandan Gupta, Vaibhav Padlikar and Rohit Raghav, Noida based Toost is a globally unique technology innovation built on the phone graph and community-contribution model. Catering to busy and mobile savvy users, the app helps users make better service provider selection by finding local businesses used and trusted by their friends. It is the new social face of local search and marks the end of archaic and rudimentary ways of searching for local businesses.

At present, the app has over five million businesses and over 750 million of unique people and business identities on the graph. It has already clocked over 1.2 million installs with a daily install rate of around 10,000 and is currently available on the Android platform. App will be available to iOS users by mid-June.  

Talking about the app, Rohit Raghav, Co-Founder, Toost says, “Local business search is treated as a utility service where providing name, number and address of the business is considered adequate. However, the highly unorganized and no-quality-control market leaves people high and dry with painfully bad service quality. This is an absolute no for today’s busy and mobile consumer. Toost deploys globally unique phone-graph based technology innovation to transform local search into social & mobile search. It gets users the businesses that their friends use and trust, and also helps them engage with their friends in choosing the right service provider. Toost’s powerful and proprietary technology is set to end the rudimentary ways local search is done today”.


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