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Intel Claims 45 IoT solutions at the IoT Roadshow in Bengaluru

Bangalore: Intel Software, a world pioneer in computing innovation is hosting 20 IoT roadshow event for developer communities to build IoT enabled solutions. As of late, Intel has finished its two day IoT (Internet of Things) roadshow in Bengaluru. This event put together more than 153 makers and pro-makers at this 24 hour hackathon. It claims that total 45 IoT solutions were created at the IoT roadshow by using the Intel IoT Developer kit, which includes an Intel development board. This Developer kit is based on Intel architecture and designed to be hardware and software pin-compatible with Arduino. The judging panel was a blend of Industry experts, members of Intel Team and journalists.

DriveAlert, a winner of the event created a smart IoT enabled solution to avert accidents due to drowsy driving/flying by capturing the behavior patterns of the driver and components of the vehicle. This solution not only detects drowsy driving, it also helps to improve the driver efficiency by giving a feedback using driving captured data.

Last year, Intel asserted 43 solutions in roadshow with the participation of 130 makers across India. iAquadesk, the winner created  a smart IoT enabled aquaculture solution utilizing  the principles of Aquaponics. The solution took advantage of the Intel IoT Developer kit, which is a combination of sensors, software tools, and cloud infrastructure to enable a self-sustaining and ecofriendly solution.

Narendra Bhandari - Director, APJ, Intel Software and Services Group - Developer Relations Division commented that, “IoT is a huge opportunity and software plays a key role as a catalyst in enabling smarter solutions. The Intel IoT Roadshow provides young and enthusiastic makers and hobbyists with a platform to demonstrate their creativity using Intel® Edison boards.  This year we saw a lot of out-of-box innovations and interesting solutions by young entrepreneurs. Intel will continue to invest in such efforts to nurture the local ecosystem and encourage local makers and entrepreneurs to innovate and contribute to the Digital India vision of the government.”

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