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Intel Capital and Red Hat Invest In 10 Gen

10gen, a company providing Mango DB (a database system that helps in faster and easier intergration of data) has recently received strategic investments from Intel Capital, and Red Hat .

The funds received here will be used by the company in developing the product for 10 Gen’s Mango DB which is the world’s leading NoSQL database. The company can in this way provide greater support to its worldwide users and rapidly growing community.

This is the first investment made by Intel Capital, the world’s leading M&A Organization in the NoSQL market.

“We are pleased to welcome Intel Capital and Red Hat as strategic investors,” said Max Schireson, president of 10gen. “We look forward to our new relationship with Intel Capital and to collaborating more closely with Red Hat to better enable and support our joint customers with integrated solutions and technologies.”, as reported by Techcrunch.

“The NoSQL marketplace has gone through a huge transformation from a community driven market to running production systems for some of the world's largest infrastructures. With its agile, scalable technology, 10gen is uniquely positioned to take advantage of growing enterprise demand for a high performance data store. We look forward to collaborating with 10gen and helping accelerate penetration of MongoDB on Intel Architecture across enterprises worldwide.”, Vice President of Intel Capital Lisa Lambert says.

For Red Hat, the investment marks its greater collaboration with 10Gen. It first began its collaboration with the company after having launched its openshift Platform as a service offering in 2011.

“Red Hat’s investment in 10gen will enable both companies to accelerate the development and adoption of new data-powered applications running on agile open source technologies designed for hybrid cloud and on-premise environments. The combination of MongoDB and Red Hat technologies, including OpenShift, Red Hat’s Platform-as-a-Service solution, gives developers and IT professionals the tools they need to deploy next generation applications in the cloud.” says Ashesh Badani,General manager of the cloud business unit and openshift at Red Hat.

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