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Instracture's New Product to Aide Students and Teachers

Based in the Salt Lake City, the startup Instructure had only two years back in 2011, launched a platform called Canvas, which is dedicated to colleges and universities in order to provide them with an alternative for cloud based systems that are more modern.

Third parties here can also make their contributions in the creation of bug fixes and more rapid development. Schools need to be aware of the various learning tools that can be made available to them. The Canvas App Centre is an app library that lets teachers, students and other administrators get their third parties installed with just a click of a mouse. The service will be released in June.

While most of the apps here are free, a small subscription will be required for some of them. Students and teachers can now get apps found, installed, rated and reviewed in an easier way.

The platform, till date, has been of help to over three hundred and fifty institutions by providing its service to five million students and teachers over the world.

According to Josh Coates, who serves as the company’s CEO, the startup’s focus is more on getting an educational platform built rather than a one dimensional product. APIs, integrations, an ecosystem and a community are some of the things that are included in its service.

With the availability of open library LTI extensions, apps can now be added to the resource by third parties out there. This is where the startup differs from other educational software providers.

“We want to tear down the walled garden that has plagued the LMS market,” Instructure co-founder and CPO Brian Whitmer said. “Third party integrations have existed, but they’ve required the IT
department to make them work. With Canvas App Center, we want to let anyone install an app with one click and begin personalizing their learning experience with these tools.”, as has been reported by

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