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Instagram's Move: Right vs. Wrong

It is now a known fact that users of Twitter can no longer view their images in the glorified version but would instead find a cropped version of their images which are much less than perfect. Instagram, an application for photo sharing has been removed from the website. So was the move a selfish one?

“This is an evolution of where we want links to our content to go.” says Kevin Systrom, CEO of Instagram.

One can now see a clear change in the shape and size of the relationship between the two companies. Ever since the startup company had been acquired by the social networking giant Facebook, it has been shifting its focus on other important decisions. The CEO now aims at driving more traffic to his startup’s web experience.

The reason behind Istagram’s sudden move has been much discussed off late. There is a rising feeling among users of being forgotten by growing companies. Facebook too did this to its users in the past by not considering users need for privacy.

Some say the move has been fair enough since this startup company had earlier been screwed by Twitter a couple of times. Companies do have to make decisions and that too very often, but the greater question is, is it worth hurting their users?

While some consider the move by Instagram a smart one, others consider it a move done by regression.

“As Kevin mentioned at LeWeb, Instagram is dropping support for Twitter cards. What you are seeing now may be some sort of regression depending on the mobile client, but we’re checking in with the engineers.” a spokesperson from Instagram said, as reported by Techcrunch.

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