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Innovative Startups for the Future with SAP HANA

Opportunities and risks. These are two major realities that every entrepreneur who decides to operate a high speed business will have to face. These risks can take different forms. They can take the form of a superstorm on its way to ruining your precious inventory. They can take the form of millions of tweets showering you with different kinds of feedback from various customers.

The big data startup was what the Startup Focus Program called SAP had in its mind at the time that it was launched. It is very important that you have the right tools in order to make your business intelligence useful.

This startup is meant to handle the challenges of big data. Its innovative product is HANA.The product will provide a breakthrough in the platform of computing and memory database. Startup companies can now use their innovation and build better products. It can help business owners do various things from analyzing vast data from social media to providing protection at airports.

HANA is on its way to emerging as the platform for big data. This is being realized by a growing number of startups each day.

“HANA has been more stable and reliable than any of us expected from a cutting-edge technology,” says Satya Krishnaswamy, CEO  & Founder of NextPrinciples, a platform for social analytics and engagements, as reported by the business insider.

With startups following more and more of Facebook and Twitter these days, the innovation is quite a sensible one.

“Insider threats come in many shapes and forms at airports, but the perpetrator is often the same: an intelligent airport employee,” according to AlertEnteprise’s V.P. of Marketing, Pan Kamal. “AlertEnterprise leverages SAP HANA to deliver the fastest identification and response to threats, preventing the dangers from blended threats that would otherwise go unnoticed.”

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