InMobians to Swim at YaWiO, a Brainstorming Event

Bangalore: InMobi announces its cultural event as YaWiO, a hackathon modelled challenge event for InMobians in Bengaluru on Monday. Based on the cultural influences, authority named the event as YaWiO (Ya-Imagination-Turkish, Wi-Allowing for creative Tension-Sanskrit, O-Opus- Action- Latin). Recognized for its next-Gen work-culture, Bengaluru headquartered InMobi, the mobile advertising network, naming the event as ‘open-sourcing the culture’ has welcomed start-ups to observe and absorb their gracious work environment in the YaWiO event where X-Prize, Magic Bus and Team Indus have posed challenges for 600 plus InMobians. In the event, participants will team up and work on solutions demanded by the three organizations. The CTO, Mohit Saxena, explains, “You’re familiar with how open-source works. There are teams of committers whose job is to increase adoption and make sure there are contributors. That's how the committee explodes. We are going to do the same.”

Hackathon-modelled events in Google work-weeks brought ideas like Gmail, Google News, Google Transit and G-Talk. Yet, InMobi is not targeting any products as such but Anson Ben, the director of learning and development believes, “You will find that time and again your mind needs rest. It is a critical step in idea-generation process. So while you're taking a break, why don't you do something that's creating a huge impact?"
While X-Prize, a non-profit innovation firm, throws the challenge at the InMobians to develop app for women safety; Team Indus, an aerospace organization and the only Indian entrant to the Google X-Prize, put forward the challenge to create communication link from the moon. On the other hand, Magic Bus, Mathew Spacie guided education firm, gave the test to create a way to transmit online education content in low bandwith. Throwing an open challenge to the InMobians, Zenia Tata, the Director of Global Development and International Expansion at X-Prize, addresses, “A day before something is a breakthrough is still an idea. We can really relate to this. Everything that comes out of X-Prize has to be start-up-worthy. Are you guys up for this?”

Competing primarily against Google’s AdMob and Apple’s iAd, Naveen Tewari, the Founder & the CEO led InMobi has been in the forefront for its mobile advertising. This ad-giant was rumoured to be in Google’s radar for acquisition in the last March. However, multi-diverse work culture and professional team at the back have taken this 2007 born company to a new height and eventually avoided Google’s red-eye.
While we hope for best out-of-the-box solutions from this Indian start-up, InMobi techies and their work-ethics would be the ultimate showcase for the other new-born companies to watch for. In the multi-million dollar mobile advertising industry which is likely to grow more given the increasing mobile and Smartphone users in the country, InMobi will guide the existing and young companies with its main product - employee management ecosystem which distinct this company from others.


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