India's Leading Real Estate Firm Acquires HomeBuy360 for $2 Million

Bengaluru: The ever-controversial real estate company, is in the buzz again as it acquires HomeBuy360, a cloud-based Sales Lifecycle Management Platform for $2 million. Through this deal, is now the only online real estate listing platform to own a developer CRM company. The company plans to rapidly expand its portfolio and strengthen its presence in the overall broker, developer, and buyer ecosystem, while the new development will also  help to cut down its sales and operating costs from the developer’s perspective.

Owned and operated by Sadanika Solutions Pvt. Ltd., HomeBuy360 was incorporated in 2011 by Rajat Kothari, Kshitij Minglani and A K Gururaj. It assists the real estate industry to effectively manage their day-to-day activities like sales management, inventory tracking, bookings, leads, call center management, customizations, handover, documentation and many more.
HomeBuy360 stores every document related to the properties in a secure database and these documents can be accessed from any part of the world. The company also gives insights on the progress of the properties which are listed on its portal in real time.

Headquartered in Mumbai, was founded in 2012 by Rahul Yadav, Advitiya Sharma, Vaibhav Tolia, Ravish Naresh, Amrit Raj. It is India’s leading real estate portal which assists the users to buy, sell or rent homes in India. It also proffers high-tech facilities like 3D models of every project that it undertakes and is capable of providing 360° view for every property that is listed on its portal. As of now, the company has more than 2,551 employees in over 100 cities across India.

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