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Independent Thinking is Essential in Entrepreneurship

Instead of being the stereotypical entrepreneur who has ideas combined from his team mates, be individualistic and think independently. This will help you in the long run, because entrepreneurs need to keep their mind with vivacious ideas as possible.Sit down with a piece of paper and a pen in a calm environment. Jot down all the things that come into your mind. They maybe some ideas which are vaguely known to you, says Nadia Goodman of YE.

#Give Importance to the Constraint of the Problem: Place the key problem in your mind and think how you can solve the problem without any help from your peers. Probably you are starting off to think alone now. Let this happen. Don’t depend on your core team to discuss and bring out a product/service idea. Instead make the first move.

#Come up with your own Ideas: There are many times where you would have come up with ideas, which seemed a mismatch earlier. These may have come up vaguely when you are doing some work which is irrelevant to you. But try this out practically, it may work you never know. Don’t underestimate your idea. It might be a huge hit!

#Take a Bird’s Eye View: Look at the larger picture of life and see how others will benefit from your idea. Instead of a new innovation, it may be a revolution around the world.

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