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iBackPack Announces The Kickstarter Campaign For Launching Its Hi-Tech Backpack

Bengaluru: iBackPack, Inc. the Texas based company announces the introduction of a new KickStarter campaign conducted from August 1st to September 30th.  The main attraction of the campaign, the iBackPack is more like a technology powerhouse hub and possesses its own Wi-Fi hotspot,  which provides high-speed internet access via multiple carriers like AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Time Warner Cable and Direct TV.
Speaking about the campaign, Doug Monahan, iBackPack’s CEO says, “The iBackPack is revolutionary in many ways. In addition to providing internet access, the iBackPack has a Tesla style ultra-powerful battery bank, multipleUSB ports, built-in retractable power cord, Bluetooth stereo and proximity location system, sophisticated GPS capabilities, a mobile app control command center and much more”.

The iBackPack is perfectly suitable for students who are headed back to school. It is also claimed to surpass the Coolest Cooler as the 2nd most funded KickStarter program and maybe even the Pebble Watch which is tops the list today. It also provides the owner with 3rd party reward and discount program which offers them with exclusive discounts from hotels, airlines and restaurants.

The company also has its own mobile application through which the parents can easily track the whereabouts of their children. It also enables the parents to categorize the places which are considered as a ‘safe’ or ‘no-go zone’ for their children and receive SMS regarding the same. The iBackPack is currently available at an introductory cost of $149 which is comparatively a reasonable price when compared to the standard backpacks that do not have these hi-tech facilities.
 “We have taken a staple such as a backpack and armed it more technology than most Wall St. Bankers have at their fingertips - and offer ultra-personalization via school colors for every high-school, college and university in the U.S.,” proclaims Ile Jugovski, Vice President, iBackPack Inc.


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