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Hyper-Local Social Discovery in a New Name: Vee

Bengaluru: From social networking to hyper social dating apps, there are a numerous mobile applications that are flowing in the market with high-demand. Also, most of the first time users rate these apps well and after a while these apps just disappear from the handsets. But linking people according to their interest has probably never tested before. Realizing the necessity of something new to hyper-social apps, GetVee Technologies has launched Vee, India’s first hyper-local interest based discovery and networking platform which is available on Android OS.

Targeting age group of 18-24, Vee will connect youth with other relevant people on the basis of their specific interests. Launched in May, 2014, it has already seen about five lakh downloads and over 47 million interactions. Vee’s powerful and precise locating facility offers innovative features such as ‘Conversations’ – facilitates users to chat among the interested links such as college, office or locality and ‘Tribes’ – helps users to find other users who have similar interests.

Nitin Gupta – a former IIT Roorkee graduate, serial entrepreneur and a developer by profession – established GetVee Technologies in 2014 as a sister concern of his own OnGraph Technologies. With a view to provide best software services and product development company in enterprise and internet application, Nitin has entered in dating app space.
Commenting on the application, Nitin,  CEO & Founder, Vee expounds, “According to a report by ‘we are social’, there are approx. 2.078 billion social media accounts globally, now imagine the Data that is being created every second, minute, day without us even noticing it. For an average consumer, this growing circle of connections can represent a huge data conundrum. Vee is specifically positioned to address this challenge. Developed to provide a relevant experience and help people connect to what matters to them, Vee helps discover and stay connected to relevant people, discussing relevant and common topics of interest helping form a strong community foundation. Vee aims to provide a platform where individuals can break away from the clutter and chat on a platform where they can find ‘their kind’ through a one-on-one connection”.

Given the dating space in the app market, people are paying more attention to free dating apps. While interest-based networking is new to the market, it will grow more and if in-app purchases do not limit the users, it has a bright future like Facebook. Currently, Vee is rated at 3.9 on Google Play and is rearing up to see its iOS and Windows versions hitting the market soon.


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