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HP Introduces End-To-End Enterprise Service Delivery for the Microsoft Ecosystem

Bangalore: HP announces an addition to Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) to its mobility portfolio, creating one of the industry’s first sets of end-to-end, enterprise-grade services for the Microsoft ecosystem. With complete HP service accountability, this Microsoft ecosystem helps transform enterprises to allow users to work seamlessly across mobile devices and PCs while helping IT manage the user environment and data security at the user level rather than at the device level.

Building on the recent agreement with Microsoft to offer Office 365 and HP service delivery as one comprehensive enterprise solution, HP is now adding EMS to its Microsoft ecosystem offering to improve productivity and help reduce risk, complexity and costs while accelerating the convergence of mobile and desktop management. Adding service delivery for EMS to HP’s Microsoft ecosystem offerings delivers a common management platform across multiple operating systems and devices, and using a common identity delivers capabilities such as single sign-on to apps, self-service password reset and rights management.

Speaking about the deal, Marshal Correia, Vice President & General Manager, Enterprise Services HP India says, “When deploying mobility and workplace solutions in the enterprise, our customers want a simplified, consumer-grade experience that empowers employees to be more productive anytime, anywhere on any device they choose. Implementing EMS into existing Office 365 environments allows customers to realize the full potential of both solutions while providing a lower cost on-ramp for Windows 10 upgrades in the future.”

On the flip side, Microsoft EMS enables enterprises to keep their users productive on their favorite apps and devices, while helping keep corporate data safe. EMS brings together leading identity and access management capabilities, including multi-factor-authentication, together with PC and mobile device management, which delivers unique managed productivity capabilities for the Office mobile apps, in addition to file level data protection. Implementing EMS into an existing Windows environment allows for strong integration with Office 365 and Windows 8.1, and capabilities increase with Windows 10 when available.

Scott Guthrie, Executive VP, Microsoft Cloud and Enterprise Group says, “HP’s position as a Preferred Partner, combined with our 30 year relationship, provides a strong foundation to help enterprise IT embrace our mobile-first, cloud-first world. By adding EMS to HP’s offering we'll provide a simple and natural extension of the benefits already experienced by over six million devices currently managed by System Center Configuration Manager and HP Managed Desktop.”

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