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Hotel Startup "Want Me Get Me" Adds Latest Feature

The startup Want Me Get Me is devoted to providing all its members the best experience at any of its partner hotels. Since recent times, it’s going to find it easier to spot the right hotels.

This is a platform where travelers are connected with boutique and luxury hotels. Users booking this website will be provided with benefits like room upgrade, free Wi-Fi, and a spot on the VIP list of the hotel.

A user’s photo found on his profile at Facebook will be sent to the hotel in order to get them well greeted on their arrival.

However, this recent upgrade hasn’t been completely redesigned. In fact, a lot of users have been requesting the map functionality, as has been declared by Tristan Gatsby Mace, the CEO and Cofounder of the startup. Users taking a look at the hotel can use Google Maps in order to find their graphic location.

This change is quite significant, although not all that groundbreaking. The site would previously get their search results found with the use of a grid like interface. The format mainly emphasized on perks and photographs. Most of the users on this site are business travelers who seem to be concerned with the distance of the hotel from their meetings.

The selling point here, however, lies in the treatment meted out to customers. The perks are also now presented in a new way by this startup. Perks can now be used as filters on a set of results. The distinction is subtle but the approach has been declared as a logical one by the CEO. Perks can now be viewed by users without being the dominant factor of the search.

“It’s much more intuitive to treat these perks as a filter,” Mace said. “It’s not the thing that makes the final decision, but it has a role in that decision.”, as has been reported by

The startup’s focus is more on getting its rate of conversation improved. “What we’re providing ultimately provides loyalty,” Mace said. “There are too many undifferentiated products in the purchasing/booking space.”

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