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Hopkins Secrets to a Successful Entrepreneur

The concept of career has changed and no longer includes great pensions, luxurious retirement and handsome gifts provided by the company. Today, the tightening job market and shifting economy plays a role of its own in the success prospects of different Millenials.

Venture Capitalist Mark Hopkins and author of “Shortcut to Prosperity: 10 Entrepreneurial Habits and a Roadmap for an Exceptional Career” has reminded us of the importance of a reality check for all entrepreneurs in a landscape where the employment scene is constantly changing whether in the mailroom or among the level of mid managers.

“For someone in their first or second job, it’s not unusual to be questioning what you’re doing, where your path is headed or what success and prosperity even means for you,” he says. “Personal entrepreneurship is the answer. For anyone embarking on their career, entrepreneurial examples are instructive, these risk-takers live and breathe risk in the relentless pursuit of success.”, as reported by the Forbes.

Hopkins here shares with us some of the trade secrets from successful entrepreneurs over the globe.

The first secret: Identify where your field is. Make the most of opportunities. More importantly, identify the end game. This is where most entrepreneurs excel. Commitment and unshakable passions have no other substitute to an entrepreneur. One must fully understand their passions; know where their skills are identifying their personal visions. “It takes a lot of soul-searching to identify what you’re truly passionate about,”, he says.

One’s ultimate power is found is when one’s vision of his or her ideal future has been established.

“From here on out you is either working towards that goal or you’re giving up on success,” he says. “It really is that simple.”

The Second Secret: If you want to be successful as an entrepreneur you need to aim to go big. There is no other substitute for this. The “I can do it “attitude is very essential for every aspiring entrepreneur.

Being a pioneer is scary,” he says. “Taking risks that may or may not be successful is scary, but for entrepreneurs, that’s where you need to be to make it. And from those risks, “he says, “comes hard-won lessons and, in turn, confidence.”

Conveying one’s confidence is another essential factor for every entrepreneur. “If you’ve put in the work and won the successes to earn that confidence, you’ll be well-regarded—and walking the path to success.”, says Hopkins. “I don’t care if you’re in a big organization or a small one, the people who are going to get noticed and advance are the intrapreneurs,” Hopkins says. If there’s a process or a workflow that you think could be fine-tuned or overhauled, he suggests asking your manager to allow you to test it out. “If you position yourself and embrace the pioneering, risk-taking spirit of an entrepreneur, you’re going to be noticed.”

The Third Secret: Form your allies. This is very important, because as an entrepreneur, your whole life depends upon the way you network.

“Call it building a rolodex or call it relationship building, but what it really comes down to is the fact that every person you interact with counts towards achieving your ultimate goal,” he says, “You’re meeting and collecting your allies along the way.”

However, this does not mean that the task ends with collecting cards.

“The secret is in really truly caring about the individuals that you meet,” Hopkins says. He points to Millennials, who will hold between 15 to 20 jobs during the course of their career. “Along the way you will meet people who complement your strengths, who can support your weaknesses, or who you just really click with,” he says. “Keep track of them, help them keep track of you,for you never know when your paths will cross again or you’ll be able to help each other find success.”


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