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HitBliss: Watch Commercials and Get Paid in Return

HitBliss is all about advertising in the hands of a consumer. Advertisers and content sellers hence do not get a major role to play here. “After all, the only thing that advertisers and content creators have in common is the consumer,” said founder Sharon Peyer.

The HitBliss Store on the other hand is a platform where a movie can be rented by a customer for $3.99 and a T.V show can be downloaded for a $2.99. The store does not possess any ads. HitBliss Earn on the other hand is a platform where an advertising profile can be created by consumers. Name, gender and location are some of the sources that can be added in the profile.

A user’s internal history can thus be scored and advertisements can be delivered just as in Google. This makes it easier for the right demographic to be reached out by an advertiser. What’s more, users can also get paid by advertisers here for their attention. Credit can thus be earned and this can be useful to users in the EarnStore at HitBliss.

With the most targeted advertisements on the top, HItBliss Earn first lines up a queue of advertisements. A user who finds an advertisement irrelevant can let HItBliss know that he does’nt want it seen again or that he doesn’t want to be reached by the particular brand. The information will reach the user who will then be able to determine the reason why their ad does’nt land with an audience.

A user using the HitBliss platform gains more trust points with each usage. This way the interruptions to check whether they are paying attention will reduce with time.

The HitBliss Platfrom, on scaling and going public may soon begin to charge advertisers. The platform already possesses content providers and advertisers of an impressive roster.

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