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HelloFlo: To Help You in Your Difficult Days

An emergency need for pads or tampons is what sends us all running to the drug store and this is an experience none of us relishes. Well then, let’s get rid of it. This is what the startup HelloFlo helps you with. Hygene products can now come to your doorstep with a service for subscription.

“I have always hated buying pads and tampons,” said Naana Bloom, the founder of the startup. “There are so many things wrong with the experience. Specifically, there are no good reminders that are also tied in with the product. There have been so many times when I’ve been caught off guard and needed to run out to the drugstore at an inconvenient time.”, as reported by

No matter how perfect you are, if you are a girl you will definitely have come across the experience of having forgotten your period and greeted by a surprise at least once.

“The boxes aren’t packaged in a way that makes sense,” she said. “For example, if you use overnight pads, you only need about two per period, but you are forced to buy a huge box that could last a year or more.”

A combination of tampons and pads will be sent to you based on how heavy the flow is. The packages are delivered to you on the basis of the time that you have your period. Doesn’t this make your work much easier?

“Lastly,” adds Bloom, “I don’t want people knowing my business. It’s not that I’m embarrassed; it’s just that it’s not anyone else’s business. I knew with a little technology I could fix what’s broken.”

The startup will begin by offering its customers with the basic products each month. However with the relationship created here, it looks like the startup has a lot of opportunity for growth ahead.

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