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Helical IT Solutions Introduces World's First Ever Open Source BI Framework - Helical Insight

Bengaluru: Helical IT Solutions, an open source warehousing and business intelligence firm, announces the launch of Helical Insight, world’s first ever open source BI framework. With the help of in-house resources, Helical Insight will allow end users to add functionalities on the go along with the standard features variety in visualization, like multi-tenant environment and email scheduling.

Having spent two years in research and development by Helical IT Solutions to reveal this innovative product, Helical Insight will bring a drastic change in the way businesses visualize, analyze and utilize the data as a valuable and strategic resource. This browser based data tool has three distinct features to provide its users, namely API-Driven – allows the user to solve custom business needs, adapt to changing technology, increase productivity and nullifies vendor dependencies; Workflow – lets the user to fulfill the custom business requirements and create your own functional modules using your own developers; and Instant BI – with the inbuilt machine learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithm allows people to ask question from data and receive instant business answers.

“Being API-driven and with in-built workflow, Helical Insight empowers end clients to add functionality like never before. The functionality could be at the front end (like adding a new chart type or exporting type or data source type) or at the back end (like integrating machine learning or altogether creating a new business process flow). Helical Insight is a tool that is poised to redefine the BI market as we see it today,” cites Nitin Sahu, Founder, Helical IT Solutions.

Headquartered in Hyderabad, Helical IT Solutions was co-founded by Nitin and Nikhilesh Tiwari in 2012. The company provides affordable solutions to business users including CEO, CXO and line managers. Helical IT Solutions also offers interactive tools to its users such as cross tab reporting, automated alerts, balances scorecards, key performance indicators and personalized dashboards. Some of the companies that use Helical IT Solutions products are Tata Communications, Predikto, Technip, Vortecy Energy Consulting, hCentive- HealthCare insurance and CA Technologies.

“The use of data is fast becoming the basis of growth and competition for individual firms, and we have created the world’s first open source BI Framework that is a powerful tool and an economical solution for companies to leverage data-driven strategies to leapfrog others to become best in class. Helical Insight, being a developer friendly framework, allows customers to add functionalities at will wherever required without depending on the vendor,” says Nikhilesh.


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