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Have You Ever Thought Of Farming As A Startup Idea? hosted an event last week at the UCLA Anderson School of management to help startup companies seeking investors. However this event was mainly a chance for venture capitalists to check how well sustainable farming can work in the near future. The event was held at the UCLA Anderson School of management. It was "a chance for farmers, entrepreneurs and distributors who have found success, who have found models that work, to share their stories," Seedstock founder Jason Reed said.

"In the next 40 years there's going to be a 70 percent increase in demand for food worldwide," said Jason Reed "There's not a lot of models for how sustainability can capture that increased demand and those increased pressuress’’, as reported by

Sustainable farming has been reaping a lot of profits over the years, as we can see from the recent results by the USDA which show that sales in the organic farming industry in the U.S has topped a $3.5 billion in the last year. It was in fact the first ever survey of the organic farming industry. In order to lower transportation costs and increase the cost of foods grown organically, foods can be grown closer to places where they are bought by consumers.

So, from where do these startups in sustainable farming receive their funds? The answer is seed money which is being used with a focus on being local in order to help these companies grow. Apart from that , sustainable farming startups also manage to acquire its loans from companies like Whole Foods. Selling equity stakes to venture capitalists like Adam Dell is another option. Another investor here is David Jeromin who has been in the venture capital business for quite a long time.

Having served as the managing partner at Golden Mean Capital for quite some time, Jeromin has been making investments in sustainable agriculture. He mainly strives for profits got by selling the idea of environmentally friendly farming.

"We are looking at making investments typically in the earlier stage, around a half million to five million (dollars)," he says.


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