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Have a Goal Every Morning

Entrepreneurs barely have time in this hurry world. Whether it is to eat, interact or spare some time for their loved ones itself. With all the work present, it’s a sign of relief if they sleep to their hearts glory, but it always advisable to keep aside five minutes for yourself, to grow as professional entrepreneurs! Keep this time to aside to introspect yourself, says Kira of Tech Cocktail.

Review:  Begin your day by rewinding what you did yesterday. If you have wasted time in searching a lost document or finding out necessary details; go ahead, don’t stick onto one thing. Try to change the work pattern today so that productivity is reflected in your work directly.

Prioritize:  Make time to plan things effectively, so that you don’t miss out on key aspects. If you are driving a car; quickly listen to the top news on the radio so that, you are aware of what is happening around the world (apart from your startup world).

Try finishing up all the pending work one by one; so that you get some time for yourself. This time is precious enough to give rest to your mind.

Anticipate: Athletes and the army forces always take a mock situation, about what may occur tomorrow in times of disaster. In the similar way, do a small guesswork as to what may happen tomorrow and how will you react in such a situation? Visualize your victory and see how your productivity level increases throughout the day. If you fear something, let it go and be free to express your thoughts courageously to the world. This will boost your confidence level, bringing out success in most of your endevours.

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