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Haiku Deck: Presentations on the iPad

With Haiku Deck, a user can now get great looking presentations made on the iPad. The presentation can be loaded with great pictures. A Creative Commons search tool is another feature in the app. Pictures can also be uploaded here.

The latest version launched by the startup has the main focus of getting things kept simple. There also exist some features for additional image management. Images can thus be cropped, zoomed, repositioned or kept under the control of privacy. However the main additional features here are the engines for the creation of graphs and charts and the capacity for building numbered or bulleted lists.

“We wanted to take the same approach to presenting data as we have with presenting words and pictures,” he explained. “So we took a look at charts and graphs, and what we realized was that the workflow for people trying to create a chart is they open up Excel, and they create a table, and they try to create a chart, and if you’re good at Excel you can make a decent one, but if you’re not a designer it’s hard to make it look good, and most people can’t even build one to begin with.”, said Haiku Deck’s CEO and Founder Adam Tratt.

Things are now designed based on the touch based manipulation and visual product. Numbers can be changed with the dragging of columns and pie pieces. A simple yet great looking pie chart can in this way be made by even the most incompetent users of Excel.

The app is now more flexible with the recently added features. The additional features however have not added any clutter to the app. Simplicity is the main aim here. The app is available for free. It has in fact been downloaded by over 3 lakh users in the past six months.

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