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Guitarmonk Crafts New Investment Model to Braid Promoters in Every City

Bengaluru: The Delhi-based guitar company, Guitarmonk, has inveterated an investment model – Guitarmonk Club, which will sentient investors from various geographies of the country to accord as an aspect of its aggressive graph. Available for a few investors, this anticipation aims to braiding in one advocate per city-limits and in accession targets to get 50 promoters beyond 50 prime cities of the country.

As a set ambition to get one lakh registrations over the next 10-15 years from 30 cities, Guitarmonk intends to move strategically to actualize minimum accomplishment of Rs.300 crores or more. With a plan to cover corporate, schools, universities and as well accommodate home tuitions along with training at its own centers, Guitarmonk ascertains to become an acclaimed name if it comes to delight for guitar and piano subjects.

Over the antecedent 7 years’ operation in Delhi this brand has registered more than 5000 students and is making valuable business. Boasting of a music launch-pad, record label, full-fledged publishing verticals, Guitarmonk has been showered with accolades for their acceptable plan in Bollywood Movies. Guitarmonk is an atypical abstraction in the area of music, offering apprenticeship with a curriculum which will accommodate opportunities to the ambitious acknowledged students.

“The core of music recreation is good teachers and system of training. We have a special music teacher training model wherein we provide high quality training to teachers and further more they are highly paid with scope of packages up to Rs.4-5 Lakhs and lots of other growth platforms,” acclaimed guitarist Kapil Srivastava was quoted as saying.

To add more to its input towards an upgraded and accomplished lifestyle, the brand has taken an action for woman empowerment. Guitarmonk is also creating opportunities locally for skill development of woman candidates. It has 150 honored seats for the Delhi NCR region. It has been honored by the Health Ministry, Education Ministry and the Delhi Government in the past.

Within two decades, the brand aspires to capture an abundant market allotment and business opportunity expos are just a step towards this all-inclusive vision. The business opportunity expo saw abundant participation, altercation with absolute feedbacks from investors across Northern India.

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