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Google Rumored to Acquire WhatsApp for $1 Billion

Acquisitions and funding has been a flavor this season with the big giant Instagram being acquired by Facebook. AllThingsD , reports that messaging app WhatsApp is talking of prices with Google the top search engine; as google is rumored to grab in the app, reports Digital Trends.

According to the rumor, the deal began from past one month. Till date, the acquisition is rumored to near to $1 billion. Following the previous grand acquisition of Instagram, the next suspected deal is WhatsApp;  as billions of users rely on the app,  to communicate with  folks in the territory  and across the borders too. Therefore this year is the social networking market to come up.Facebook has already made its mark in the communication network, but with the help of Google Babel, Google can create an individual social networking platform for the users as the service provided them is very poor. If Google wants to carve a niche, it has to outstand WhatsApp and provide better communication facilities to masses, by increasing mobility and methods of usage.

There are many other apps flourishing into mobiles such as LINE, WeChat, Nimbuzz, Tango, KakaoTalk. Line has already made its way to the market and it will take lot of time for Google, to establish well in the market, to be on par with the other companies. Monetarily also Whatsapp follows a nominal fee structure because most of the amount that is charged is free of cost. The company has number of users around the world. Whatsapp is paid a huge amount compared to other service providers.

International communications has reached a large scale, therefore google has made certain plans, but the WhatsApp has not conformed on anything yet.

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